Elsa Adams...

All laces are haute couture and come from the world’s most exclusive lace manufacture in France - they are made in the old traditional way.


This exclusive French lace manufacture handcrafts nearly all their laces, which brings the highest quality that you find on the earth.  They have been delivering to all leading fashion houses around the globe and made the laces to the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and many other celebrity events.


Elsa Adams Handmade always chooses and designs laces in her own design or a special color and mostly with 3D effects and sometimes more than two color threads, which make the lace unique and get this Elsa Adams coolness.

Elsa Adams says: "laces feel like wearing a body lotion that make your skin unique and beautiful or like wearing perfume. The laces make you feel special and enhance every skin complexion. "


Elsa Adams Handmade dresses are created just outside Copenhagen in the fashionable city Hellerup.


Every dress is created and tailored here – in other words, everything is 100% made in Hellerup, Denmark. Her tailor team supports Elsa Adams’ drawings and tailor-made creations to a perfection – only the very best can be a part of her creations.


Wearing an Elsa Adams Handmade dress is like your dreams come true...